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Nishi-Azabu Hide – Authentic Edo Cuisine in Nishi Azabu

Halal Food Restaurant for Savvy Restaurant-goers

Nishi-Azabu is a town for savvy city dwellers looking for quiet places for a date or business meeting. Naturally people are asking for a good quality in the food they eat at an affordable price, which makes it difficult for restaurant owners to stand out in the town, and even more so if you are offering a Japanese cuisine. Nishi-Azabu Hide is one of such ambitious restaurants where you can appreciate a wide range of the Japanese taste from the seafood to shabu shabu in the town that many are scared to compete in.

Hide acquired the halal certificate from the Emirates Halal Center (authorized by UAE) in a hope to respond to all kinds of needs from customers, and all the foods are halal. Many overseas VIPs make reservations through the hotel concierges in Tokyo, and the restaurant has a private room for the business use as well.

Main ingredients of the food at Hide come from Tokyo, such as the seafood from the Tokyo bay (Edo-mae) and vegetables grown traditionally from the Edo era, making their dishes authentic Tokyo/Edo food. Not only the food, but various kinds of sake from Tokyo Port Brewery are prepared at Hide, and you can start drinking after 9pm in the Japan-themed bar. In a very Nishi-Azabu style of the night life, you can stop by the place after dinner to enjoy sake and food from their a la carte menu

Responding to the Needs for Halal Foods

The restaurant acquired a halal certificate in March 2017, and expanded its halal menu in April. The certificate is displayed as part of the decoration in the hallway, unlike other restaurants

High Grade Marbled Beef for Shabu-Suki Full-Course Meal

Photo: Halal Shabu Suki Full-Course Meal 14,000 yen (and tax)
Starter, Appetizer, Local Seafood, Hida Beef for Shabu Suki, Vegetable, Fish Dish, Soba, Tempura

Nishi-Azabu Hide

Halal Certificate
Halal Meat
No Pork
Halal Seasoning
Halal Meal
Vegetarian Meal
Muslim Owner
Muslim Chef
Halal Storage
Halal Kitchen/Cutler

3F Nishi Azabu FT Bldg
2-25-24 Nishi Azabu Minato-ku Tokyo
10 min by walk from Roppongi/Hiroo Station
TEL: 050-5593-9158
Open: Monday-Saturday 18:00-24:00