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Exploring Asakusa for Muslim Friendly Restaurants 1 – Washoku Origami Asakusa

Exploring Asakusa for Muslim Friendly Restaurants

Asakusa has been going through a drastic change in the past couple of years. There has been an increase in the influx of young Tokyo residents visiting Asakusa for sightseeing, boosted by the promotion campaign of Tokyo Metro. Posting from these trend-conscious people sent out on the social network help Asakusa gained attention from overseas tourists who are looking for real-time information. As Muslim-friendly restaurants are popping up in the area, we will run a series of articles to feature current trends in Asakusa.

1. Washoku Origami Asakusa

浅草 和食 折紙1 浅草 和食 折紙2

apanese Restaurant Across the Main Street from Asakusa Station

Japanese Restaurant Across the Main Street from Asakusa Station As the name implies, inside Washoku Origami you can see art pieces of Ukiyoe, Origami and other Japanese traditional arts, and its room design is popular for culture-conscious tourists from overseas. The restaurant aspires to display the authentic hospitality, and sends its chefs to halal seminars to learn how to make Muslim guests comfortable eating at the restaurant.

Experience-Oriented Menu

和牛の焼きカツ1 和牛の焼きカツ2 「天突き」でところてん体験

The specialty of the Origami restaurant is the halal wagyu beef produced in Japan and medium-cooked with its impressive marbling. The restaurant also leaves the finish part of cooking the beef cutlet so you can also take part in the immersive experience. There is also a vegetarian menu available for kids and adults alike: cooking the handmade tofu in front of guests or making tokoroten, Japanese jelly noodles, with the special tool. As the staff needs to be present to explain to guests at the table, there is naturally communication, the secret ingredient to enjoy the travel abroad.

Thorough Muslim-Friendly Services Create Repeated Customers


The restaurant offers a prayer room equipped with the Wudu facility for people to wash hands and feet before praying. There is also Muslim staff available to help customers.

Quiet Riverside Seats a Sanctuary Away From City

Take stairs in the back of the restaurant to ascend to riverside seats where you can appreciate the full bloom of cherry blossoms in spring. The Japanese flower is getting the wide recognition abroad in recent years, and inbound tourists are using the hashtag (#sakura) to find a perfect spot for the tree. These seats at the restaurant are likely to attract some competition for reservation next spring.

Kimono and Washoku with Ricksha


The restaurant offers a package where customers can rent a kimono, the Japanese traditional garment, at a rental shop on the 6th floor of the same building and take a tour around the town for sightseeing on a rickshaw, available from 2 people or more. Reservation is required 5 days in advance.

<Package Detail>

◆Kimono Rental, Dressing, Rickshaw, and Washoku Lunch
◆Price: 8000 yen per person (tax and service included)
◆Reservation: 03-5652-7072
9;00-18;00 Monday-Sunday

Muslim-Friendly Services

Muslim Friendly Logo from Japan Muslim Association
Halal Certificate from Japan Islamic Trust

Alcoholic beverages are available but stored in a separate area. Soft beverages are offered in special glasses

Washoku Origami Asakusa

  • Halal Certificate
  • Halal Meat
  • No Pork
  • Halal Seasoning
  • Halal Meal
  • Vegetarian Meal
  • Muslim Owner
  • Muslim Chef
  • Halal Storage
  • Halal Kitchen/Cutler
  • playerspace
  • Halal Certificate ◯
  • Halal Meat ◯
  • No Pork ◯
  • Halal Seasoning ◯
  • Halal Meal ◯
  • Vegetarian Meal ◯
  • Muslim Owner –
  • Muslim Chef –
  • Halal Storage ◯
  • Halal Kitchen/Cutler ◯
  • Player Space ◯
和食 折紙 浅草 店舗外観

1-2-8 Hanakawado Taito-ku Tokyo Google Maps
Open: 11;30-15:00, 17:30-21:00