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Kusumoto – Offering Food on Behalf of Farmers

Offering Food on Behalf of Farmers


Kusumoto is a membership-based Japanese cuisine restaurant but has a unique policy to let anyone in if you are a first time customer. Located in the residential area within a few minutes’ walk from the big crossing of Nishi Azabu, the restaurant stands quietly on the side of a slope that radiates a cultural feel of the town. You may find the neighborhood a little too classy for you to casually step in, but the interior of the restaurant actually has a cozy atmosphere similar to what you find when you visit your close friend. This comes from their corporate policy that tells all of their staff to know customers well and serve with sincerity. The restaurant adopts the membership system not to make customers feel awkward, but to face each and every customer sincerely to serve better. This attitude can also be found in the way they deal with food suppliers as they try to maintain the original flavor of ingredients, as well as with the sake brewer, as if the restaurant delivers the message on behalf of original suppliers.

Fish or meat – both are halal

The photo shown is an example of their course meal (和食のおまかせ), offered at 11,500 yen for first time customers, and on request, the chef will change ingredients for halal meals as well. The owner, Mr. Kusumoto, received the Muslim Friendly Certificate in 2014 and offers a lecture for the Tokyo government as an advisor on halal meals. With profound knowledge on the Japanese halal meal, he displays his skill in finding the best temperature to serve fish and meat. Special steaks are available based on where the beef comes from – Halal Hida Beef (8,400 yen), Halal Ozaki Beef (10,000 yen), Halal Kobe Beef (15,000 yen). The restaurant has three doors to enter from, and each group is given a separate room, which enables a customized service full of hospitality. (Note: the price is for members unless specified)

The restaurant also provides the business matching service based on confidentiality, and can be used for the client dinner. Also the place is great for an occasion of celebration as it offers a separate room to enjoy the seasonal menu that can vary based on what is available on the market every day.


  • Halal Certificate ◯
  • Halal Meat ◯
  • No Pork ◯
  • Halal Seasoning ◯
  • Halal Meal ◯
  • Vegetarian Meal ◯
  • Muslim Owner –
  • Muslim Chef –
  • Halal Storage –
  • Halal Kitchen/Cutler –

3-23-5 Nishi Azabu Minato-ku, Tokyo Google Maps
Open: Monday-Saturday (closed on Sundays and national holidays) 18:00-23:00